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React Native is an open source mobile app framework created by Facebook. It is one of the best cross platform framework who provide the touch of native development with React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

In the recent time the popularity of mobile app is at most as every company needs a mobile app to survive in this competitive market. Most of them are looking for a solution which is quick and require less man power. React Native app development is the best solution for them as they will get an application for both iOS and Android platforms as single code will be used who supports both the platforms.

One of the strongest reason behind choosing React Native over the standard iOS and Android is you can easily update the application and required components without creating it from scratch. There are so many third-party plugins available in the market which supports React Native, so there is no need of developing them from scratch. Features like Camera, Maps, Location, Notifications and many more are well supported in React Native.


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